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The Retirement Solution with Jon Hicks 

Sundays at 9 a.m. on NewsRadio 840 WHAS                 

Aug 31, 2020

No matter how many zeroes are behind your retirement account balance, you may question whether you’ve saved enough for retirement. This week, Jon discusses why you might be in better shape than you think – and why the most cavalier savers often have problems. Wondering if you’ve done enough to prepare...

Aug 24, 2020

The November election will be here before you know it! While no one knows what the outcome will be, there’s a lot of concern about what a Biden-Harris win would mean for the market, taxes, Social Security & health care. Jon breaks down the facts this week, based on what the candidates have already said they...

Aug 17, 2020

Is it possible to save too much for retirement? Jon discusses the possible downsides of being a super saver. Plus, he’ll explain how even a moderate-sized portfolio could potentially generate as much income as a $1 million nest egg. Have a question for Jon? Drop us an e-mail at 

Aug 10, 2020

There may be a giant problem lurking in your investments and retirement accounts…fees! This week, Jon discusses why people who think they’re paying the least for advice or investments are often paying the most. Plus, how do you identify those hidden fees? Drop us an e-mail with your questions at

Aug 3, 2020

What’s your level of concern with the stock market? With retirement? With politics? Or in Jon’s case…with fitting into your pants after gaining the COVID 19? Whatever is worrying you right now, it’s time to address it. This week, Jon discusses how to take some of the emotion out of investing, and focus on what...